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Mortgage Calculators

Affordability Calculator

How much can I afford?

Discount Points Calculator

Should I pay discount points for a lower interest rate?

No-Cost Loan Calculator

Compare a 'no-cost' vs. traditional mortgage.

Adjustable Rate Calculator

see how interest rate assumptions will impact your monthly payments. 

Refinance Calculator

Should I refinance my home mortgage?

Rent vs Buy Calculator

Should I rent or buy a home?

Tax Savings Calculator

What are the tax savings generated by my mortgage?

Closing Cost Calculator

How do closing costs impact the interest rate?

Mortgage Loan Calculator

Estimate my monthly mortgage payment.

Payoff Method Calculator

Should I convert to a bi-weekly payment schedule?

Adjustable vs Fixed Rate Calculator

Which is better: Fixed or adjustable-rate mortgage?

Interest vs Traditional Mortgage Calculator

 Determine payments & total interest paid with each loan type.

Auto Calculators

Lease or Buy Calculator

Should I lease or purchase an auto?

Fuel Efficiency Calculator

Should I upgrade to a more fuel efficient vehicle?

Loan vs 0% Dealer Finance Calculator

Is dealership financing better for me than traditional auto loan financing?

Accelerated Payoff Calculator

Estimate the potential time and interest savings.

Auto Payment Calculator

What would my auto payments be?

Auto Affordability Calculator

Determine how much you might be able to spend on an automobile.

Retirement Calculators

Living Expenses Calculator

How will retirement impact my living expenses?

Social Security Estimator

Social security retirement income estimator.

Retirement Savings Plan Calculator

When should I begin saving for retirement?

Roth 401K vs Traditional 401K

compare employee contributions to both options.

Retirement Savings Calculator

Am I saving enough for my retirement?

Inflation Impact Calculator

How does inflation impact my retirement income needs?

Retirement Budget Planning Calculator

Should I convert discretionary expenses to savings?

Retirement Planning Calculator

Are my current retirement savings sufficient?

Savings Longevity Calculator

I'm retired, how long will my savings last?

401K Accumulation Calculator

How much retirement income may my 401(k) provide?

College Calculators

College Savings Calculator

determine how much you should be saving for college on a regular basis.

529 College Savings Plan

Tax-deferral can have a dramatic affect on the growth of an investment.

College Expense Calculator

 determine whether living on or off campus is better and to see the costs associated with these alternatives.

Student Loan Calculator

help gauge the feasibility of your student loan repayment with your anticipated future income. 

College Investment Value Calculator

Use this calculator to see the value of a college education.

Coverdell ESA (former Education IRA)

Tax-deferral can have a dramatic effect on the growth of an investment. 

PLUS Loan Calculator

PLUS loans are low-interest federally insured loans for parents of undergraduate students

Insurance Calculators

Life Insurance Calculator

This life insurance calculator will help you determine the policy that is right for you.

Disability Income Insurance Calculator

Your chances of becoming disabled are far greater than your chances of dying.

Lifetime Earnings Calculator

This calculator, designed to help you estimate how much you'll earn before you retire, 

Future Value of Annuity Calculator

Use this calculator to help determine your annuity value in a given year

Life Expectancy Calculator

help determine how many years you may need to plan for in retirement 

Disability Risk Calculator

Use this calculator to determine your chances of becoming disabled.

Annuity Tax Advantages Calculator

Use this calculator to compare the tax advantages of saving in an annuity.

Compare HSA Plans Calculator

Compare a traditional, low-deductible health plan to a high-deductible health plan.

Funeral Expense Calculator

 Use this calculator as a guideline to help estimate your burial and final expenses.

Long Term Care Insurance Calculator

Determine your potential long-term care needs and how long your current assets might last.

Life Insurance Longevity Calculator

You may think that you are adequately insured in the event of your death.

Business Calculators

Qualified vs Cafeteria Plan Calculator

Estimate the potential savings generated by implementing one or both of these plans.

Business Valuation Calculator

Some people are just curious what their business is worth, some need a formal valuation and others are selling.

Financial Ratios Calculator

Liquidity, efficiency, and profitability ratios, compared with other businesses in your industry

Business Startup Cost Calculator

Use this calculator to help discover and estimate your total business startup costs.

Breakeven Analysis Calculator

determine the number of units required to breakeven plus the potential profit

Employee Compensation Value

Use this calculator to help illustrate the total compensation package for an employee.

Modal Premium APR Calculator

Determine whether  to pay your creditors either monthly, quarterly or semi-annually.

Business Equipment Calculator

Analyze the total financial impact of up-front fees, interest rates and residual value on the lease versus buy decision.

Qualified Plans Calculators

Company Payout Options Calculator

Single Life and the Joint Survivor payout options. 

Convert to Roth IRA Analysis

Roth IRA is a great way for clients to create tax-free income from their retirement assets.

IRA Rollover Calculator

When you retire and take distribution of your funds you have many options to consider.

Employer 401K Match Calculator

Many employees are not taking full advantage of their employer's matching contributions.

Self-Employed Retirement Calculator

Determine your maximum contribution amount for the different types of small business retirement plans, such as Individual(k), SIMPLE IRA or SEP-IRA.

IRA Contribution Calculator

determine whether or not you are eligible to contribute to both the Traditional IRA and Roth IRA

Qualified Plans Worth Calculator

 estimate how much you may accumulate by saving in a qualified plan.

Projected Required Minimum Calculator

Current tax law specifies that once you reach age 72 you must begin making taxable withdrawals from your Traditional IRAs 

Retirement Borrowing Calculator

Make a more informed decision about whether a loan is the right approach for your financial situation.

NUA vs IRA Rollover Calculator

Consideration of NUA strategy is important if you are distributing highly appreciated employer securities from your prior employer's qualified plan, such as 401(k).

IRA Retirement Income Calculator

estimate your monthly and annual income from various IRA types.

Current Year Required IRA Minimum 

RMD amount is determined based on your prior year's IRA balance of all of your IRA assets divided by your life expectancy.

Employer 401K Match Calculator

Many employees are not taking full advantage of their employer's matching contributions.

Early 401fK Withdrawal

Determine the impact of lost contributions and retirement funds due to early withdrawal.

Stretch IRA Distribution Calculator

Use this calculator to provide a hypothetical projection of the required minimum distributions for you and your beneficiary.

Investment Calculators

Allocate Assets Calculator

Determine your portfolio allocation based on your propensity for risk.

Real Estate Return Calculator

Use this calculator to help you determine your potential IRR (internal rate of return) on a property.

Taxable vs Tax-Advantage Calculator

Determine the future value of an investment being subject to income tax each year versus deferring the tax until withdrawal.

Certificate Of Deposit Value Calculator

Use this Certificate of Deposit Calculator to help determine the potential interest growth and tax liability on your Certificate of Deposit.

Taxable vs Tax-Free Calculator

Make an apple-to-apple comparison of varying investment returns.

Compound Interest Calculator

Compound interest can have a dramatic effect on the growth of an investment. 

Risk Tolerance Calculator

Complete the following questionnaire to help determine your risk profile.

Mutual Fund Returns Calculator

Use this calculator to estimate the impact these charges may have on the growth of your investment.

Bond Value Calculator

Use this calculator to help determine the value of a bond.

Call or Put Option Calculator

Call/Put options.

Increased Investment Returns Calculator

You could accumulate in savings simply by repositioning assets to achieve potentially a slightly higher return.

CD Laddering Calculator

Use this calculator to determine the additional interest you could earn with a CD laddering strategy.

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