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Our Pledge To Our Clients

Our mission has always been to offer our clients affordable tax preparation. We strive to make filing accurate tax returns as simple and effortless as possible. We set the goal of completing most returns without unnecessary delay to the client, most usually done in less than two days. Our services include preparation of Individual returns (including those with rental property[ies] or sole proprietorships) as well as Partnerships, Corporations, Trusts, and Estates. 


​Our office is open all year for the convenience of our clients. We offer off season tax consultation for our clients usually at no charge. ​We also mail out tax organizers to any current client at their request; many find it extremely helpful while trying to get all their documents and paperwork put together for their appointment.

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Countdown To Tax Day April 15, 2024

You can either call us or send us an email to start the process of working together

We now have an even more secured way​ to send and receive your paperwork!

Through your online portal you will be able to upload all of your documents.

We can meet with our clients both in person at our office or virtually. 

Is tax preparation right for you?

Preparing your own income tax return can be a task that leaves you with more questions than answers. According to a study released by the US Government’s General Accounting Office last year, most taxpayers (77% of 71 million taxpayers) believe they benefited from using a professional tax preparer.


Whether we like it or not, today’s tax laws are so complicated that filing a relatively simple return can be confusing. It is just too easy to overlook deductions and credits to which you are entitled. Even if you use a computer software program there’s no substitute for the assistance of an experienced tax professional.

Here’s what you get… A personal interview with one of our tax professionals to uncover and discuss all deductions to which you are legitimately entitled. Your tax return will be checked and rechecked by our staff and computer software identifying potential problems the IRS may look at more closely and reviewing the math to limit IRS contacts. Not only do you get the initial tax interview to uncover more deductions and tax strategies, but you have access to your tax advisor year round! Your tax return can be filed electronically so you will get a refund back quicker. Our tax professionals will show you how to adjust your payroll withholding to get more money back each week. Why give the IRS an interest free loan for up to 16 months? We will show you potential deductions to limit your tax liability for next year.

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The IRS individual filing AND payment deadline is APRIL 15, 2024

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​• Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC): ​For 2023, the maximum EITC amount available is $600 with no children, $3,995 with one child; $6,604 with two children; $7,430 with three or more children. ​Phaseouts begin at $17,640 for single taxpayers with no children and end at $63,398 for married filing jointly taxpayers with three or more children. ​• The Child Tax Credit is $2,000 per qualifying child under 17. A $500 credit is available for all other qualifying dependents. ​• Child & Dependent Care Credit: You may be able to claim this credit if you paid expenses for the care of a qualifying individual to enable you to work or actively look for work. ​• American Opportunity Tax Credit: The American Opportunity Tax Credit provides a maximum credit of $2,500 per eligible student. The credit applies ONLY to four years of a student’s undergraduate education.

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​​Effective beginning in tax year 2018: The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (HR 1, “TCJA”), enacted by Congress in December 2017, eliminates the individual health insurance mandate under the Affordable Care Act (popularly called Obamacare). ​However, if you had coverage through the Healthcare Marketplace: You will be issued a 1095-A by the Marketplace that must be presented to your preparer and you are required to reconcile your Premium Tax Credit on your return.

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Personal Exemption: There are NO personal exemptions after 2017. ​ Standard Deduction Rates: $27,700 for married taxpayers filing jointly $20,800 for head of household $13,850 for single taxpayers and married taxpayers filing separate. The additional standard deduction amount for the aged (65 or older) or the blind is $1,500; that amount is increased to $1,850 if the taxpayer is single or head of household, and not a surviving spouse. ​​

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• Home energy credits: The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 (IRA) amended credits for energy efficient home improvements and residential energy property. •New, Previously Owned and Qualified Commercial Clean Vehicles Credit: The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 (IRA) made several changes to the new clean vehicle credit for qualified plug-in electric drive motor vehicles, including adding fuel cell vehicles. The IRA also added a new credit for previously owned and commercial clean vehicles. •Moving Expenses: Moving expenses are now only deductible for military. Employer payments or reimbursements may be taxable.​ ​ ​​• Net Investment Income Tax: Taxpayers may be subject to the net investment income tax (NIIT) — a 3.8% tax on the lesser of net investment income or the excess of MAGI over $250,000 ($200,000 if single or head of household, $125,000 if married filing separately). The NIIT does not apply to nonresident aliens. ​

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Limitation on Itemized Deductions: Limitation for itemized deductions is suspended for years 2018-2025. ​• Medical and Dental Expenses: Taxpayers can deduct only the part of their medical and dental expenses that exceeds 7.5% of your adjusted gross income. This deduction does not apply to nonresident aliens. ​• Home Mortgage Interest ​For Acquisition Indebtedness: incurred as of 12/15/17 or later, the home mortgage interest deduction is limited to the first $750,000 of home loans combined. For mortgages before 12/15/17, interest is limited to the first $1,000,000 of home loans combined​​​ For tax years following 2018, interest on home equity indebtedness is only deductible if used to buy, build, or improve the mortgaged home. ​​​ ​• Casualty and Theft Losses: As of 2018, the only casualty and theft losses allowed are those incurred due to a federally declared disaster.​ ​​ • Miscellaneous Deductions: The 2% miscellaneous deductions are no longer allowed. These include unreimbursed employee expenses (travel, job education, union dues, etc.), tax preparation fees, and other expenses (investment, safe deposit box, etc.) • Charitable Deductions The limit for charitable deductions has increased to 60% of the taxpayer's AGI.​ ​ ​​• State and Local Taxes The combined amount is now limited to $10,000.

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The 2024 maximum taxable earnings for Social Security wage limit of $168,600. There is no earnings limit for Medicare. The 2024 maximum easrnings is $22,320 while receiving full SS benefits before full retirement age. Social Security AND Medicare combined withholding rate is: ​​7.65% for Employees 15.3% for Self-Employed​

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