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What to Expect this ​Tax Season
Due to the high volume of clients we serve daily, we have some precautions in place:
  • Masks are requested to sit with certain preparers for an in-person appointment
  • Remote options for tax preparation
    ​--Drop off, secure online portal, email, fax, mail
  • Cleaning/sanitizing of our offices after each appointment and throughout the day in the lobby
  • ​​​Plexiglass shielding at our front desk


What we are asking of our clients:
  • If you want to meet with a preparer in person, a mask may be requested.
    Masks are not necessary if you are just stopping in at the front desk to pickup paperwork, sign documents, and/or pay an invoice. 
    Some preparers are requesting masks for appointments. ​
    We do respect personal choice so if wearing a mask is a conflict for you, please contact us to make remote arrangements. We are happy to work with you!​​​
  • Be on time.
    ​Please only arrive about 5 minutes early (10 minutes if you are new), and please do not be late. Appointments have been shortened to 45 minutes so our preparers have time to wipe down their offices between clients. Therefore, we cannot guarantee any appointment time with a late arrival.​​​
  • Please, leave the kids at home. 
    In order to maintain proper social distancing, we ask that no more than two people come to the office for an appointment, and that children older than babies in carriers/in arms either stay in the vehicle with another adult, or hang out at home.​​